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Nick produces occassional radiophonic works ranging from 5 minutes to 50 minutes for Sunday Night At The Movies (9pm-10pm Sundays) on FBi 94.5FM, Sydney's largest community radio station.

Radio Kiosk

A selection of Nick's radio pieces played at Radio Kiosk.
Broadcast from The Kiosk Public Art Site at The Physics Room Contemporary Art Space
Corner High, Manchester, Lichfield Streets, Christchurch, NZ
29 June 18 July 2006

Sound Transit Remix

Broadcast on 23rd April 2006

Download mp3 audio:

Part1 - human (15m20s, 28MB)
Part2 - industrial (16m43s, 31MB)
Part3 - nature (17m42s, 32MB)
Entire piece (49m38s, 91MB)

This week on SNATM, join us on a tramp through the creative commons of phonography as we traverse the diverse sounds of six continents on an ever-changing aural exhibition of free recordings contributed to the wonderful "sound transit" website.

Compiled by Nick Mariette using original field recordings downloaded from SoundTransit, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

Field recordings used were by: Derek Holzer, Aaron Ximm, John Grzinich, Maxim Shentelev, Planktone (aka Ward Weis), Jarra Schirris, Anna Friz, Marcello Mercado, Cedric Peyronnet, Rob Curgenven, Dallas Simpson, James Dunn, Takasaki Ryosuke, Keith de Mendonca, John Hopkins, Nick Mariette, Sean ONeill, Justin Hardison, Alessandro Bosetti, Toby Sinkinson.

Download a list of the sound files used: txt

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Out Of The Box

11th October 2005

Played a bunch of favourite tunes on Fbi show: Out of the Box, hosted by Imogen Semmler.


11th September 2005

Join us this sunday night, as seven regular Sunday Night At The Movies producers, create pieces based on their interpretation of the number 911.


1st May 2005

Snatm MAYDAY special! - short pieces on the theme of "May Day". My contribution was a Mayday MegaMix. This piece was a lot of fun.

Boxing Day Special

26th December 2004

Short pieces by regular SNATM contributors, on the theme of Boxing Day. Mine was a boxing day montage.

In Transit Soul

28th November 2004

In his book "Matter and Memory", nobel prize winning philosopher Henri Bergson explores the concepts of soul and body not as a split, but as a continuous axis, linked through memory and movement.

This itinerant Sunday Night At The Movies hitches a metaphysical ride through the material world to discover a winding path through the soul, revealed in transit.


originally broadcast on 20th June 2005 and replayed on 14th August 2005.

This week, Nick Mariette and Drew Clarke celebrate the vast and diverse country of India from a first-time visitor's perspective - taking you through cities, up to temples and down to the ghats; and much more.

Bondi FM

May 2003

I produced an hour long remix for Bondi FM, featuring tracks by: Dsico, Disco Stu, Artificial, Meem, Barouche Landaus, B(if)tek, Krang, Juju Space Jazz, Low Key Operations, Severed Heads, Garry Bradbury, Sigiurumn, Little Bird, The Avalanches, Atone and Hypnoblob.

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