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a collection of work by Nick Mariette: phd student, software developer, ambisonic phonographer, radio producer, new media arts technologist...

I have a particular interest in 3d sound production for speaker arrays and binaural output, which I presently follow through live sound performance, software development and my research on  perceptual evaluation of mobile audio augmented reality.

Previously, I worked for a company called Lake Technology (now Dolby Labs Sydney), managing and engineering spatial audio customer solutions using the Huron digital audio convolution workstation.

You might also be interested to visit my research website at University of New South Wales where I worked on the AudioNomad research project from 2004-2007.

recent news

Multichannel performance, Raummusik, Cologne: 19th October 2008. Performed ambisonic version of Alvin Lucier's Sitting in a Room at the Raummusik event at Kunstwerk, Cologne. With Nick Mariette, Nook, Das Blaue Monster, Frank Barknecht, Banhart Yorck, Peter Plessas, Dirk Specht, Volker Hennes 

moved to Paris: April 2008 - now working as a full-time researcher with the Sound and Space group (Son et Espace) at LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France.

thesis writing/editing: September 2007 - present. Finalising my Phd thesis.

seminar: “Perceptual evaluation of spatial audio for augmented reality applications”, MARCS Monday Meetings, MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney, Bankstown.

the NOW now surround - Friday 13th April 2007 at Lan Franchis, Sydney, performed a set in 4 channel surround sound.